July 1, 2015

yarnalong 7/1/2015...

Knitting on my Sherlock Square #2 for a Sherlock Afghan KAL via Ravelry
(a year behind), but doing it with local knitters from Baa Baa Sheep in Norfolk, VA
and reading 'Inside of a Dog' by Alexander Horowitz.

Join Ginny from Small Things for next Wednesday’s Yarn Along.

Way Behind on Blogging!

So, it's been several months since I last blogged. Life has been quite busy and I guess I just chose to upload photos to Instagram and write quick jots on Facebook instead.

So....let's see if I can at least post on my blog once a week perhaps?

March 13, 2015


Guess what just arrived after only 2 days on order???

The New Coop!

Going to cut out a few windows...and will add:
-nesting boxes (using cubbies)
-and an entrance into the screened in run.

I think we'll put it on a few wood pallets too. Pretty stoked it arrived for the weekend!!!

(Arrow Shed BW54-A Brentwood 5-Feet by 4-Feet Steel Storage Shed)

dog bowls...

I just ordered some new food/water dishes for my 4 Pugs. I was tired of seeing them scoot their dishes all over the floor...These will work nicely. (arriving next week)...yay!

Our Chicken Life....



Almost an entire month of not blogging...

copied from my Facebook site....

Water Walked and kicked butt at it with Megan McKee this morning. Stopped at Starbucks on the way home to meet a gal from the online yard sale group to pick up some Dell computer speakers for $2 and some small wall mounted speakers for $2...only to find out James said we can't use the wall mounted ones at all...no big deal. ($2 wasted). The computer ones work fine!

Printed off the entire year's worth of 'Sherlock's Great Afghan Adventure' Patterns (12 patterns with a plethora... of pages)....time to buy a big binder and more page protectors....holy cow! The 12 month series starts the last Saturday of March and runs for an entire year at Baa Baa Sheep. We are reading Sherlock short stories monthly and knitting one square each month and will meet monthly to discuss the Sherlock stories , knit, and get help (if needed). Last month we will put it all together to make an afghan. We have 22 of us knitters signed up. Wicked Awesome!

Please take a look at bentest’s (Bente from Norway) gorgeous work...this is what each of us will be making:


Romelda gave me and Megan 'water walking' gifts of love. She is so proud of us and I adore her so much!!

How I look AFTER cleaning the chicken coop...

How to test seeds for viability to make sure you aren't planting a bunch of duds in your garden!

Baker's Creek never arrived, so I'll be ordering via Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

My new zipper makeup bag from Shlii arrived. 'Merpug'.
Camera I am putting on my birthday wish list:
Samsung NX MINI Wi-fi Mirrorless Digital Camera 9mm and 9-27mm Lens Bundle (mint green)

Peg Nacrelli Graham's photo.
Peg Nacrelli Graham's photo.

 Got Pallets? Hate weeding? Don't feel like turning up a bunch of grass? Use a pallet as a garden bed - staple garden cloth on the backside of the pallet fill with dirt and start growing!

Water Walking in the morning and Yarn for Supper in the evening.
Looking at cool nesting boxes for the coop...on Pinterest, of course!

New Coop...going to cut out a few windows, add screens, roosts, nesting boxes (using cubbies), and an entrance into the screened in run. Excited to be getting this one!


Peg Nacrelli Graham's photo.

Looking for plastic chairs for the chimenia area....anyone have these?
Plastic Adirondack Chairs (Lowes)



Happy Birthday to my husband, James Graham

Peg Nacrelli Graham's photo.
March 9th
Peg Nacrelli Graham's photo.

Had to wash her vent (pasty butt), so she's snuggling until it's dry to go back into the cage.







Trying to acquire 3 more baby chicks today and start the fodder system for my chickens and some starter seeds for my garden. Just moving a bit slowly, since we didn't get to bed until after 2am after a fun-filled day/night of the Tattoo Festival and Mel's birthday party/karaoke night...and we lost an hour due to Daylight Savings. MORE. COFFEE. NEEDED.

March 7
Latest Ink
My new coffee mug.
Yes...we're at the Tattoo Festival.
Guess what's going in Mila's Easter Basket...

Planning on growing lots of Lavender this Spring!

This morning planted 2 packets of Lavender Hidcote Dwarf. This was the first time I have ever planted lavender, so before I started, I carefully examined the seed packet for any sort of special instructions. For starters, I learned lavender seeds...

Wide awake at 4:30 am. Drinking a cuppa tea and excited about today's Tattoo Festival and tonight's birthday party for Melody Beckford.

Still waiting for Baker's Creek Seed Catalog to arrive, so I can order some seeds! Time is ticking...Spring is close.
I may just go online.


Local Food Guide
Peg Nacrelli Graham's photo.
Peg Nacrelli Graham's photo.

    Booked our tickets to CT. to see Lauren Ann
    and family in April...yay! 🚊

     Sushi at Domo and a Movie



    'Went to see 'The Imitation Game'...it was good.'

    Need this for tops of mason jars if I make the infused water in mason jars Sprouting Strainer Lid by Handy Pantry,

    Snow forecast 6" to 14" Western Branch area. This is what we can expect. Woah!
    James just left to rent some movies. Good thing we have groceries!
    I decided to make homemade creamer. Yum! Now I can control all the ingredients.


    All Labs are done, so we are getting ready to eat a lovely breakfast at Baker's Crust and return home.
    — with James Graham.
    Lab work in the morning, so not going water walking until Tuesday. I'll walk on my treadmill instead after I have a healthy breakfast once back home.
    Next week I see my GP Doctor Palmisano...I think he's going to be tickled at my weight loss thus far.

    I have no more excuses of why I won't walk on my treadmill on a regular basis (garage is too cold or too hot, it's boring, I forgot, etc...).
    James is moving the treadmill into our master bedroom, per my request. I can get up and do 30 minutes to any TV show and have that good start to each day. YAY!
    'I have no more excuses of why I won't walk on my treadmill on a regular basis (garage is too cold or too hot, it's boring, I forgot, etc...). 

James is moving the treadmill into our master bedroom, per my request. I can get up and do 30 minutes to any TV show and have that good start to each day. YAY!'


    Tonight's dessert
    Look at how cute these Doc Martens are! I want them!