May 29, 2009

Porter's surgery day...

I finished Porter's Monkey at CHKD while we waited for the Surgeon to arrive. Porter named him "PJ".

Porter did very well and the surgery was fast (replacing the old central line with a new one and to the opposite side of his chest).

Porter recovered easily once they gave him some more meds and started asking to "Go Home!" after about an hour...but, it took them until almost 3:00pm to release us, because the Surgeon had to look at Porter's XRays to make sure his lungs were clear and if the line was in place. His chest is sore and very sensative, but should be fine in a few days. He's on Motrin for pain (as we opted out of the Tylenol w/ codeine).

He's on 'rest' for 2 weeks...uh huh...right. Ever try to make a hyper active child rest? Just so happy it all went well and it's over.

Thanks for all the prayers and get well wishes!

May 19, 2009


This past Saturday I took Cameron & Carson strawberry picking. It rained quite a bit, so we waited under the tent until it cleared enough to pick...we still got plenty wet though. They loved it!

We came home and washed and prepared the berries. We made freezer jam, a strawberry pie, strawberry popsicles and we even froze some for smoothies and still have almost 1 qt. leftover for cereal. YUM!

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May 2009 collage

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May 16, 2009

May 1, 2009

sheep pops...

oh Bakerella...Thank you for being so fabulous, creative and gosh darn adorable!