August 20, 2011

8/20 Surfers Healing and 8/19 Welcome Luau...

Porter was all ready. 
 The surfers put him on Jay's board.
 They waited for a good set.
 Finally, after a good while...a wave!
 Porter rode it all the way in.
 Back out for round two....look at how comfortable Porter is.
Jay stands Porter up!
 Porter is stoked!!!
He got a medal, but didn't want to wear it.
Thanks Jay for surfing with PMan!

 Carson at the Luau the night before.
What?! Brig got Cameron to smile?
Porter enjoying himself in the water!

Hula Dancers....

Dancing again...

 She was excellent!
 The beach movie screen. We watched 'Clay Marzo: Just Add Water'
It was 9pm and we had a fun evening!!!

August 10, 2011

8/10: regular days...

NOTE: We are missing Brigham (who comes home from his RI vacation tomorrow).
Here's a few snaps from today....a regualr day:

Cameron prepares lunch for himslef and Porter. PB crackers and apples.

Carson prepares her own lunch...a fluff-a-nutter sandwich.

Porter plays on my laptop as Yuka stares at me.

Yoda waits to be let outside.

8/3: regular days....

NOTE: I moved this from my knitting blog (knitapalooza) to this blog, where it belongs.

A 'regular day'...laundry, iced coffee for mom, Cameron on his headphones, Carson playing LPS, Lola suns herself, Porter wraps himself up, Yoda watches TV, Porter plays with moon dough, James works (from home) and Yuka lounges anywhere she can.

the end....