September 18, 2013

fixing the broken sugar dish...

color swap #19...

image titleimage title

Oh my gosh….look at all of this!

These gorgeous Hand Knit Gloves fit PERFECTLY! Love the hand sanitizer holder/key ring- cute idea to use up scrap yarn. Love The fabulous Bag and nearly matching Coffee MUG!!!
LOVE the Penzy Spice catalog and taco Seasoning-yum and sticker! Sweet Canning labels and yes…I make freezer jam, so those freezer jars will come in handy!!!!
Your Recipes…I am going to try them, the Wash Cloth (adorable), my fave candy-Gummies-YUMMO! Oh…I adore The cute Pug magnet…yes! I love the fun deco tape, cool tweezers (for stickers for sure), the Scrapbook Book…love her!
I love ALL THIS YARN you spoiled me with! I love the Lime Green (fave color) Sharpie and Pad and Memos, the lime paper clips, the t-pins, the jump rings, the way cool Fabric, and last but not least….the Vintage sugar and creamer.
Now…as you can see in the photo the sugar dish came broken (Bad Post Man), but My Hubby can/will fix it almost like new and I will proudly display it on my shelf.
Oh….and your letter was so sweet. You outdid yourself. REALLY…SO VERY THANKFUL TO YOU!
Biggest Hugs!

September 17, 2013

Long Day...

Took Carson to the Cardiologist today. EKG and ECHO came back fine, but Cardiologist gave her a heart system for her to use for a month anytime she feels her heart racing. This measures her heart and then we call in a transmission and if something is wrong they will call us. Otherwise, she is good to start her Concerta and plethora of vitamins now.

Porter's teacher and the AT gal are here at home, tested Porter and now they might issue him his computer...yea!  OK, well...we have to wait until the AT gets paperwork cleared and it gets approved, but he SHOULD be getting it (hopefully).

Cashed a few Getaway Checks at the Bank and Paid the beach house in FULL, went out for lunch w/ James and Carson after her Doctor visit. Went knitting at Baa Baa Sheep tonight to knit the Mystery Shawl KAL...started it, frogged it, starting over.

Got to pack up some crocheted Owls for Rita and Michelle, continue to knit on Baby Snuggle Wrap and KAL and crochet a few more Owls...tomorrow.


September 13, 2013

hooks and needles...

Going to start on the 'Stephen West Mystery KAL' (knit-a-long)
AFTER I finish crocheting the
Owl a total of 27 owls to make.
So far I made 9 last night...18 more to go unless I get even more orders!
 Taking orders for OWL ORNAMENTS.
Let me know the color/s you want. 

 $4.00 for 1 /OR $10 for 3

(includes shipping to US)

September 9, 2013

Eye Docs...

Just got back from eye doc. Carson needed glasses! He said she is Near-Sighted and her eyes went downhill over the last 3 years. He did extensive tests on her...tested for Glaucoma too. That was ok. So, glasses are a must. Cam's eyesight is... still the same and the Doc said he thinks his eye blinking is a twitch (and to keep doing eye drops of Systane when dry)...still needs glasses, so we ordered new ones for him since it's been 3 years and new ones for Carson. Should be in 5-10 business days.

Wednesday Carson has an appointment for her meds and next Tuesday she has the Big Cardio appointment at CHKD. Hoping all is well, because we leave a week from Saturday to go up to CT. She will have to get her homework for the week she'll be out, so I need to draw up a letter to see if they will make homework packets, etc...

Carson got these Jessica McClintock's:
(forgot the brand for Cam's)



Carson and Minnie baked Cupcakes yesterday...

PA Challenge Day 9...

My Hello Kitty Pen

September 8, 2013

Planner Addicts Challenge

Days 1-4

Day 1: The Cover
Day 2: In your bag
Day 3: Fountain of Pens
Day 4: Current Day
Day 5: Wishy Washi - no pics
Day 6: On the Go!- no pics

Day 7: Workspace
Day 8: Sticky...(post its, stickers..)

September 7, 2013

Our Saturday...

James did car stuff this morning...oil change, rotated tires, checked plugs, etc...then he washed the outside (inside is next week when he attaches the Hidden Tow Hitch for our trip to CT).

Now we are taking the family out to Barnes & Noble, Target, Best Buy....the whole Greenbrier hang out thing we occasionally do as a family. Afterwards...we'll sweep and mop the entre house, Cam washes out all trash cans, Brig cleans cat box/area and dishes, Carson cleans her bedroom, Boys clean their bedroom, Me and James clean our bedroom and start on laundry. Probably rent some Red Box movies too.

I also want to spruce things up in the house...Fall is my time to Spring, um...Fall Clean?

I want to do this to my console by the stairs. Looks fabulous!!!!

Fall is coming...

Spent all day yesterday in bed, feeling crappy, but I spent it knitting and then sleeping. Hoping today is a little more productive. One thing that is's CHILLY outside! favorite season of all!!!

September 5, 2013

Getaway on the horizon...

Booked the Beach House for Getaway in October!!!! 10 of us ladies will be going this year.
Can you say EXCITED?

September 4, 2013

My NEW Favorite Site...




Saving this to go back and look at now and then...

Vintage Storage Ideas...

Love, Love, Love this!!!!

Washi Stuff...

:Washi Tape Dispenser/Lazy Susan:

You can purchase from WeRMemoryKeepers and make it your own!

true story...



Mason Jar Chandelier...

Chandelier is finally done! I originally stained 5 mason jars blue, but they somehow got wet and messed up, so I went w/ regular Mason jars.


Journaling...(August 30)

HOLY COW, what a busy day w/ Carson!!! She did not need the Tdap shot, because she had it Oct. 2011 (booster is every 10 years), BUT...she got a Meningococcal Vac, a HPV Vac and a Hep A Vac (series of 3 shots, today, 2 months, 6 months).

ALSO...her Doc had us schedule her to see the Psychiatrist (9/11) to re-do her Concerta (anxiety has returned), The Optometrist (9/9) -both her and Cam. He wear...
s glasses, she probably now needs glasses because, she failed her eye exam. OH...and She has a Cardiologist (9/17) appointment for an EKG for her heart palpitations.

I STILL have to schedule her and Cam for a Dental appointment too...I will try for those mid October. WHEW!!!!!!!! (I think I need a job to pay for all the upcoming doctor fees. Good thing we at least have good insurance!!!

Mystery KAL Colors...

Decided on these 3 colors for:
Stephen Wests' Mystery KAL
on Ravelry
First CLUE is Sept. 13th.

Setting up my Filofax...

'Precious' has arrived....